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Making my OWN path! ("DIVIDED COMEDY TOUR")

First, THANK YOU to everyone that made this past tour date at the CRATERIAN THEATER, in Medford, a SUCCESS!! We could not have done it without you! I mean that in SO many ways. I've been a Comedian for 17 years. I've played horrible clubs, dealt with shady bookers and had some rough moments in this business. But, instead of continuing to deal with that bullshit, I decided to create my own path in this comedy because I STILL LOVE IT! For me, when I think about performing, there's no better rush than having people laugh WITH you! And there is no greater appreciation, than when those people came to see YOU!

Creating this tour with Ian Harris has taught us both alot. Specifically, that with hard work, effort...a little financial planning...fuck A LOT of financial planning, we can define our OWN worth, instead of waiting for someone else (i.e CERTAIN club bookers, managers, etc.), to do it for us. But, like I said, none of this would be possible without my fans, friends and people that believe in us! So again, THANK YOU! Stay tuned for NEW tour dates...

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