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Why I do this.

I've been a Comedian for about 18yrs and everyday has been a different experience, a different city, a different crowd. But the thing that's REMAINED a constant is my LOVE for performing! I've dealt with shitty bookers, shady managers, and lazy agents but throughout it all, I STILL get excited when I'm introduced, I see the audience light up and I grab the mic. The feeling I get from making someone laugh at a thought I came up with make all of the bullshit worth it. Sometimes it feels like an abusive relationship. Occasionally I get knocked around, treated less than special but I KNOW the LOVE is there and that makes me continue this crazy journey. I didn't get into this business to be rich or famous...if I did, I probably would have quit a loooong time ago. I became a Comedian because I TRULY enjoy making people laugh...and I've had to do it even when I've felt shitty! The point is, is that through all the stress of travel, the time away from friends and family, the uncertainty of this crazy business, I can't wait to get on another stage and share my thoughts. To watch someone I've NEVER met smile, laugh, and have a better day, makes it worth it. So, I have no clue where I'm headed but I know I want to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!! See you at the show...

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