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“One of the funniest Comedians working today."  Jay Leno

"The Tonight Show" 


“Freaking Hilarious!"  Whoopi Goldberg        "the View"

“The real deal!"  Billy Gardell        "Mike and Molly"

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"Bullshit" web series
YO...I'm SUPER to be a part of the new "Boys" spinoff "GEN V"!!      
              DRY BAR SPECIAL!!
Honored to be a part of this
AMAZING SHOW!! The cast and crew were SO DOPE!!
Proud and EXCITED to announce teaming up with the BUCHWALD AGENCY (LA/NYC)!!
Looking forward to building and forging a NEW path...Let's get it going!!
                              NEW album...
     "GROWN steps"
                             available NOW
on  iTunes, UpRoar  records and Spotify!!
Awesome day, on set filming               "Life in Pieces"!!
Thanks SO much to the ENTIRE cast & crew! Loved working with them...check CBS local listings for showtimes!! Check out the.... FULL EPISODE.
Great time filming "the Plaza" pilot!!
Thanks to the cast and crew of "the Plaza"! Fingers crossed for pickup date!!
Ty signs on for multiple projects with DISCOVERY FAMILY!!
Check me out on the NEW shows "Babies Behaving Badly", "Beasts Behaving Badly"
Some of the funniest clips of animals and babies I've seen! The shows are HILARIOUS!!
I LOVE Voiceover work!!
Listen  for me on the shows "Animals LOL" and "Sex sent me to the ER top 10 special"!!
Jul. 7th
Shooting new pilot for the FOOD NETWORK!!

Ty has signed on to host NEW show "Cheap Eats" for the Food Network!! Stay tuned for details...


Jul. 27th

Guess who's narrating 2 series for the Discovery Network?

Ty Barnett is the newest narrarator for 2 series, BOTH on the Discovery Network! Check listing for "Secrets of the Dog park" and "Animals LOL"!



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